Recently, I have found myself searching for something different to do that will challenge my ‘soul’ – find that something that I can choose to dive into as little or as much as I want!

As a child, and actually most of my teenage years, I would journal, write letters and notes. I would even write lists and lists of things — things I had to do, organize, dreamt of … While in University I seemed to have lost that creative side, while maybe not lost just redirected it towards my studies and essays.

So here I am  — Hoping to renew the passion I used to have for writing, not just reports and essays for school, but the kind of writing that lets you reflect on your life, be creative and imaginative and make you challenge your ability to communicate and think. Follow my journey as I learn ways to balance life with a “busy” toddler, full time job and a desire to “take on the world” — Here we go… a taste of Brittany, life as a new mama journey!






I’m in week 2 of the online bootcamp. So far I think it’s amazing! I’m the mother of a toddler with a demanding job and going to the gym before work, at lunch, or after work isn’t an option right now. This program is exactly what I need. I can do most of the exercises with my daughter at the park, while I’m making dinner or while she’s playing. It’s flexible and is a great workout (much more effective than just going to the gym on my own). My muscles are definitely feeling it!